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Djaloki’s lectures in Omaha, Nebraska, July 23-24, 2008

Posted by djaloki on July 8, 2008

July 23, 2008: Metro Community College, Omaha, Nebraska:

With Rev. Djalòki

Rev. Jean Luc Dessables, also known as Djaloki, discusses 21st Century Vodou in the context of the convergence between Western and Eastern religions, esoterism, shamanism, consciousness studies, postmodern philosophy, quantum physics, integral spirituality and the current global shift of consciousness.

This informal discussion involves the participation of an imaginary invisible being (spirit) representing a shamanic (non-western) spiritual paradigm embracing the following values :

· “Realness” of the invisible world

· Earth as an intentional sentient being

· Matter and visible reality altered by word, intent and other untangible energies

· Non-linear, multi-dimensional, reversible, extensible, compressible time/space

· Interconnectedness between all things

· Permanent presence of mystery

Considerable time allowed for questions and answers. All personal imaginary friends cordially invited!

July 24, 2008: Love’s Jazz and Art Center, Omaha, Nebraska

With Rev. Djalòki

Introduction to a few Ayitian Vodou values and principles, presented as possible tools usable by Western individuals, communities and organizations who are expanding – or want to expand – their consciousness beyond the conventional modern Western paradigms. Although this approach includes spiritual considerations, it does not require any religious belief or affiliation in particular, but yes, an open mind, enough to consider that non-physical non-rational parameters can affect our physical condition.

Contact in Omaha: Orenda Fink, orendafink@gmail.com
Booking for North America: Anny Koffler, aakoffler@comcast.net
Blog: https://djaloki.wordpress.com

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