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Initiation to the Age of Maturity

Posted by djaloki on April 24, 2008



  • This ritual is inspired from various tribal age group systems and rites of passage, particularly from the Dogon of Mali in West Africa and the Tzutujil Maya of Guatemala in Central America, as well as initiation rituals of the Western esoteric tradition.
  • The Age of Maturity is a social group of the following age system, based on a twenty-one year cycle:




Main focus

Initiation age

0 – 21 years


Learning basic skills

Soon after birth

21 – 42 years

Extended Adolescents or Young Adults

Developing expertise in specific skills

Early 20’s

42 – 63 years

Mature Adults

Service and spiritual craftsmanship

Early 40’s

63 – 84 years


Developing higher wisdom

Early 60’s

over 84 years

Venerable Ones

As they wish

Early 80’s


  • The applicants to this ritual are women and men in their early forties.
  • The officiant Minister is preferably someone who has previously been through this initiation, ideally an elder, sixty-three years old or more.
  • Members of the audience, called “the witnesses”, represent all age groups in the applicants’ community.
  • Content’s details of some elements of the ritual may be designed and adjusted according to the place, the community and the people’s preferences and sensibilities. This ritual can be made to last from a few minutes to several hours, especially by playing with the intervention of community members and the community celebration.


Purpose of this ritual


Commitment of the applicants to serve their community as best as they can and to grow in general knowledge, wisdom and spiritual craftsmanship, as the community recognizes them as mature adults.


Outline of the ritual


  1. Preparation
  2. Opening
  3. Trial of the applicants as accomplished Young Adults
  4. Commitment of the applicants
  5. Community recognition of the applicants as Mature Adults
  6. Minister’s address
  7. Silent meditation
  8. Possible interventions by community members
  9. Final Blessing and closing of the formal initiation
  10. Community celebration

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